Austrian focus groups

As part of the Q&VET project, Quality Austria organized a work-shop with teachers and managers on the topic “Quality Assurance in Vocational Education”. The work-shop took place in the Quality Austria Headquarter in Vienna, on the 8th of November 2013. The interviewed teachers/managers represented 3 different Austrian Higher Educational Institutes and 3 different Secondary Schools.

Following a presentation by Quality Austria about the project itself and about the outcomes of the online-questionnaire, two groups were formed.

One group discussed the hypothesis: “Teachers do not like to reflect on their own quality of work or are not willing to accept feedback genuinely”. The main findings of the group-work on this topic have been:

1. Institutionalising of methods:

2. Culture:


3. Communication: The second group discussed the hypothesis: “Quality initiatives tend to get followed immediately by new ones, creating lots of restlessness within the organization as well as lack of time for good implementation” The main findings of this group-work have been:

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