Focus-group in Institute of economics, management and law (Kazan)

The date: 24 October 2013. 18 teachers of colleges participated in the focus group.

During the focus group the new hypothesis was appeared. It is the following: for motivation of teachers to participate in initiatives of quality managers should show the initiative and respect to teaching staff.

This hypothesis appeared because teachers had came up against situation of misunderstanding from the management. Teachers took the initiative of organizing round tables, meetings for discussing problems of interests of teachers. By their opinions teachers should participate in discussions connected with increasing of quality in process of teaching in colleges. If initiatives are offered by managers they are offered unilaterally without discussion. Teachers say that the propose different ways of increasing of quality in process of teaching but they don’t see the due reaction from the administration.

The main outcomes from focus group:

  1. The management doesn’t motivate teachers to participate in initiatives of quality.
  2. The management is not interested in motivation and stimulation of teachers in participation in initiatives of quality.
  3. The large difference in opinions of administrative and teaching staff.
  4. The teachers offer collective discussion of difficult situations.
  5. Difference in work aims of administrative and teaching staff.

The main offers of focus-group:

  1. Increasing of motivation of teachers by involving them to collective discussion of problems and aims.
  2. Teachers should participate in discussions about decision-making connected with their work and self-development.
  3. Organization of round tables, discussions, meetings that motivate teachers.
  4. Association of values and views of administration and teachers for removal of the common purposes and tasks.
  5. To consider by managers of offers and initiatives of teachers.

Analyzing answers of teachers during discussion, it is possible to draw a conclusion that in colleges, heads don't take the quality initiative, preferring to work on established practices. Innovations aren't welcomed in the sphere SPO education. In a case when teachers take the initiative, the management doesn't accept them. Teachers are compelled to be aloof.

Respectively, development and growth of teachers and the management aren't possible in this situation. Teachers face difficulties of communication with the management. It is connected with that representations about purposes and tasks at teachers and the management differ. The management doesn't propose joint discussion of problems and difficulties. The management considers employees not competent, but at the same time doesn't consider it necessary and doesn't take steps for increasing of competence of teaching structure. Teachers consider necessary close interaction of teachers and the management to achievement of common goals and motivate of teachers to participate in quality initiatives.  Also important point of stimulation of teachers, they consider material encouragement (increase of a salary and the differentiated distribution of supply available).

Summing up the result of the carried-out discussion in focus group, it is possible to make a conclusion that introduction of initiatives of quality is necessary in SPO institutions, the administration has to motivate teaching structure to participation in quality initiatives with a way of informing them about their need, importance and expediency. The management has to consider interests and difficulties of teachers at introduction of initiatives of quality.

The supplementary data received during work of focus group:

  1. Lack of material base for introduction new technologies of teaching
  2. It is necessary to visit advanced training courses for increasing of competence of teachers
  3. Accurate distribution of levels of the management in SPO institutions is necessary
  4. Mentoring for young teachers is necessary, they don't have enough experience for increasing of the qualification

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