Focus meeting in Tomsk

As part of the project "Expanding the quality ‘spirit’ of VET (Q &VET)” at Tomsk State University two focus groups were conducted, which were attended by employees from 16 universities of Russia (totally - 26 persons). Each team chose for discussion the hypothesis №5: "Quality initiatives tend to get followed immediately by new ones, creating lots of restlessness within the organization as well as lack of time for good implementation".

After comparison of the discussion results it was revealed that on many positions the opinions of participants are converged, apparent contradictions have not been identified. In two groups the discussion on the following questions was organized: How can teachers / managers create a ground for initiatives and activities in the field of quality? Who exactly (what structures / people) can be a source of initiatives? How to ensure the support from the side of teachers? What is the role of external / internal structures in the conduction of the activities in the field of quality assurance initiatives?

It’s necessary to take into account that some solutions, proposed by participants, in our opinion cannot be fully realized in practice, because participants sought to describe some "ideal" in the field of quality assurance of educational initiatives. Also we need to point the specific feature of Russian educational structures - participants noted the existing contradiction between "conservative" - "innovative" norms and attitudes that exist in educational institutions.

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