Institute of Economics, Management and Law of Kazan

Institute of Economics

Address: Moscowskaya street 42, Kazan City, Russia Phone Number: +7 843 231-92-90 Web Site:

Private Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education “Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan city)” is a Russian leading innovative research-educational centre (educational holding) with a well-developed network of stable accredited branches, representing a multi-level educational system (school for early development “Umka”, college, university), having high rating and occupying the leading positions among the internal and external consumers in the professional community, with the effectively functioning system of quality management, which corresponds to the ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Since 1994 the Institute runs educational, publishing, exhibition activities, consulting, and teaches more than 28000 students in 18 majors in cities. The Institute, being the Volga region branch of the European Quality Centre, has established the Centre for Lean Technologies, its main task being the knowledge dissemination and lean production technologies implementation.

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Contact People: Timiryasova Asiya, Antonova Irina, Vorontsova Liliya