Netherlands report on outcome of focus groups and interviews

The Dutch contribution to the second part of research in this project was done in different steps. The first part consisted of presentation of the findings at a transnational conference in Vasteras, Sweden on September 26th. During that conference a large workshop was organised for 26 participants (managers, teachers and sector experts) from Cyprus, Great Britain, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. In the workshop 6 hypothesis were presented and discussed and participants were asked to come up with recommendations.

In the Netherlands two additional ways of collecting input have been arranged. In terms of focus group work three small follow up sessions have been organised in three different VET institutes, each time with manager as well as teachers. Participants have received the NL report in advance as well as the six hypothesis. They were asked to read the report as a preparation for the session. During the sessions the hypothesis were discussed and the participants have been asked to come up with suggestions to improve implementation and / or describe good practices to improve new  quality initiatives.

Additionally 16 participants have been contacted personally for an interview. Main recommendations generated reflect ways to bring together the two different realities in educational institutes: the one of managers and boards, and the reality of teachers. Recommendations address: communication, creating win – win situations and involvement, creating teams, keeping track on initiatives, make clear choices (better do one thing good) etc. Input will be used together with partners input to create a general set of recommendations for managers for the involvement of teachers in quality initiatives.

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